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The Selling Podcast: Greg Daines on Retention

I had a blast chatting with Scott and Michael on The Selling Podcast! We talked about how the new frontier in sales is all about selling for retention. It was a great discussion with lots of laughs! I hope you enjoy it! (Part 2 is coming next week)

Greg Daines challenges all of our beliefs. Prospects pushing on our pitch, product or service is a good thing. There are some keys for client retention. One of those key drivers is measured result. Here are some other things discussed:

  • The number one factor in customer turn is "the way we sell." Start with the result (the why) before you ever get to the 'what'.

  • Giving a free trial might reduce barrier to entrance but likely has an opposite result on gaining new clients.

  • How are you selling? If you are talking about your or your business, you are doing it wrong. Get the prospect talking about themself. Build a "results story" and not a sales pitch.

  • Focus on the results and allow that to drive the story.

  • Are you qualifying your prospects the right way? Are you asking these prospects if they are willing to change in the way that they need to drive results?

Find out more about Greg at Total Customer Strategy.

How has Greg's research changed what you will be doing? We want to hear from you.


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