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About Us  

We are on a mission to help recurring revenue businesses drive exceptionally high growth through customer retention.

The New Business Strategy

The entire SaaS business model represents a radical transformation that upends nearly every aspect of conventional business strategy.

The winning business strategy aligns everything in the company to drive measurable customer results.

History of Business Strategy

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ChurnRX Research

The team behind ChurnRX has spent more than a decade developing new research methods and assembling the world's largest customer retention data set.

We leverage these methods and data to answer the most important strategic questions facing modern companies.

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Greg Daines

Greg leads ChurnRX as its Founder and CEO. He is the industry's foremost expert in customer retention, growth, and strategy. Throughout his career as both a founder and executive, he has regularly challenged the conventional way of thinking. 


Greg is renowned for his thought-provoking and data-driven approach to improving customer retention. He regularly reveals disruptive opportunities for growth and brings radically different ideas that challenge the status quo, which results in breakthrough transformations for companies


Greg holds multiple advanced degrees in business and economics from MIT and Cambridge University.

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