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The premier platform for keeping your customers at scale

The ChurnRX Platform provides a single source of truth for understanding, comparing, and improving your customer retention. 

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Diagnose your churn and build your best strategy

The ChurnRX Platform is the most effective way to know why your customers stay and why they leave. Clearly displaying what matters for high retention, and which customers are your biggest opportunity to increase retention.

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Identify and target your churn opportunities by identifying your precise churn types

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Establish your retention goals, by comparing your churn to companies just like yours

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Build a data-driven Strategy that can align your whole company using your churn factors

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Turn your customers into a growth engine by identifying and expanding your ideal customers


All the right tools to know why your customers stay and how to improve retention

Knowing your churn type is the key to winning more

Every company has a distinct churn type based on the key causes of customer failure. Understanding your type is the first step to fighting churn effectively.

The ChurnRX Platform reveals your precise churn types and points you to the exact actions you can take to solve them. 

What kind of churn do you have?

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Uncover your biggest retention opportunities

Fighting churn successfully depends on your ability to focus your limited resources where they will have the highest impact.

ChurnRX reveals the key leverage points where your efforts will produce the most results so you can design the optimal retention strategy.


Use the unique metrics to set goals and effectively prioritize your limited resources to drive faster growth. 

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Build your ultimate retention strategy

Our Real Churn™ Growth Impact reveals exactly how your churn is impacting your growth and visualize the growth impact of reducing churn.

With the ChurnRX platform, you'll uncover your true drivers of churn and pinpoint precisely where and how to build the right strategy.

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Explore the benchmarks and competitive insights

How does your churn compare to other companies like yours?


Using our unique Churn Benchmarks, you can explore how your churn compares against our growing database of over a million records and discover key customer retention factors and trends. 

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Ready to get started?

Get your free expert churn consult, and start your company on a new growth trajectory by learning exactly what to do to reduce churn this year. 

They really helped us understand the importance of not just making customers happy but truly solving their problems and proving the ROI our product is delivering.

Dan F.   |   Manager, Customer Success

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