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Keep Your Customers

Analytics, Consulting, and Training for Customer Loyalty

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The best companies know why their customers leave and more importantly why they stay.


Longer Customer Lifespan


Improvement in




Reduction in Early Customer Churn
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Analytics you need to finally get control over churn

Our Retention Analytics go beyond your churn rate to provide you and your leadership team with specific insight into how you can reduce churn. Our Retention Analytics enable you to:

  • What kind of churn do you have?

  • Is your churn getting better or worse?

  • What are your key churn drivers?

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Leadership and Retention Coaching from Real Experts

Increasing your customer retention requires the data and expertise to act quickly and effectively. Our Retention Consulting delivers proven methods for transforming customer retention, expansion and driving durable growth.

  • Company Retention Strategy

  • Ideal Customer Profile

  • Customer Behavior Analysis

  • Customer Success Process

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Train Your Team to be Certified Retention Experts

Sales and Customer Success Reps have the biggest impact when it comes to making your customers successful and retaining them. Uplevel your team with the right skills to drive retention at scale.

  • Online & Live Training

  • Proven Playbooks, Guides, and Templates

  • Retention Expert Certification

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Working with ChurnRX, we were able to not only efficiently scale our Customer Success efforts but also drive improved retention.  They helped us to implement key processes, educate our teams and drive greater value to our customers.  

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Selina Eizik

Chief Operations Officer


Get control over your churn with
ChurnRX today.

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