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Join The Churn Benchmark

How does your churn compare? Participate in the benchmark to get the insights and leverage needed to drive your retention. 

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The best companies know why their customers leave and more importantly why they stay.


Longer Customer Lifespan


Improvement in




Reduction in Early Customer Churn
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Proven Live Training for Customer Success Teams to Improve Retention and Scale.

Provide your team with the playbooks they need to fight churn with ChurnRX's Live Expert Training. 

  • Playbook and Skills Training

  • Proven Playbooks, Guides, and Templates

  • Leader and Rep Certifications

Learn more about our Team Training

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Expert Churn Consulting To Drive Company Growth.

Our team of world-class retention and growth experts are armed with battle-tested methodologies for creating radical improvements that scale across your entire organization. Our expertise includes:

  • Retention Analysis

  • Ideal Customer Profile

  • Whole Company Retention Strategy

Learn more about our Consulting Practice →

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"Simple isn’t easy…but damn if Greg doesn’t make simplifying these concepts around customer retention so easy!"

Brandon Chaney, VP of Product @ DRIP

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Join the Conversation.
Be a Part of the LinkedIn Leadership Community.

As a member of our group, you'll get:

  • Weekly live sessions with Greg

  • Practical Tips and tricks on scaling your teams

  • A community of Revenue Leaders to share insights 

  • And so much more!

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"Working with ChurnRX, we were able to not only efficiently scale our Customer Success efforts but also drive improved retention.  They helped us to implement key processes, educate our teams and drive greater value to our customers."

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Selina Eizik

Chief Operations Officer


Get control over your churn with
ChurnRX today.

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