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Find out what kind of churn you have.

You can’t fix your churn if you don’t know what kind of churn you have. Fighting churn successfully means focusing your limited resources where they will have the highest impact. Our proprietary Real Churn™ analytics uses customer data you already have to uncover your churn type and show you what to do about it.

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Know who your most loyal customers are.

Selling to the wrong customers is a major source of churn. That's why crushing churn starts with a clear understanding of your ideal customers. Our Bullseye Customer Profile™ identifies each of your key customer profiles and shows how to leverage these segments to dramatically reduce churn while increasing growth. 

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Become a certified retention expert.

Every team in the company plays a vital role in reducing churn. The problem is that your people often don't know what they need to do and how to do it. Our Total Customer Strategy Training™ courses certify your people in the proven churn-fighting playbooks that work and upgrade their confidence with the key skills to be effective. 

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Our engagement was well-organized, substantive, and engaging. We enjoyed each session and looked forward to the next one. And we're seeing results of our own: our largest client commented, "This [Results Strategy] is exactly what we need. It'll help us work better across our own teams and with you."

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Seth Johnson

VP of Customer Success

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