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The Scalable Approach to Reducing Customer Churn

The ability to drive customer retention at scale relies on deeply understanding your churn and executing the plays that matter. ChurnRX is the answer.

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How does ChurnRX help you keep your customers?

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ChurnRX combines customer data you already have with benchmark data from companies like yours to reveal why your customers stay and how to retain your failing customers.


A unique set of metrics and tools enables you to design effective customer retention strategies and track your team's effectiveness. 


Customer leaders need the right data insights and expertise to align everyone to produce phenomenal customer results.

Your expert partner to drive retention for growth

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Selina Eizik, COO

Working with ChurnRX, we were able to not only efficiently scale our Customer Success efforts but also drive improved retention.  They helped us to implement key processes, educate our teams and drive greater value to our customers.  

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Mark Bissell, CCO

 It is always exciting to sit with a true expert who has a passion for their craft. You won't meet anyone with more expertise on customer retention than this team. I was amazed by ChurnRX's level and depth of knowledge.

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Star Hoffer, COO

The insights that ChurnRX was able to provide changed how I articulate churn to our leadership and the board. They also pointed out in the data where we made changes in CS that impacted retention in a meaningful way, which was so validating.


Know exactly why your customers stay, and why they leave 

Reducing churn at scale is impossible without a clear understanding of what is really causing it. But conventional retention metrics don't work.

The ChurnRX Platform shows you clearly what's driving your churn and what you can do about it. And our unique churn benchmark - with over a million customer records - reveals how your churn compares to other companies like yours.

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A precise churn prescription that delivers real results.

Our most successful customers see a 6x improvement in renewals when using ChurnRX to focus on their highest-value retention opportunities.


Longer Customer Lifespan


Improvement in


Reduction in Early Customer Churn


in Benchmark

Get started now with a free churn consult

Get your free expert churn consult, and start your company on a new growth trajectory by understanding what you can do to reduce churn fast!

They don't just tell you what's wrong. They help you fix the problems by training your team, building process and improving on things as they are tested.

Ian J.   |   Director, Strategic Accounts

Get your copy of the 23 Ways to Reduce Churn in 2023!

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