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Powerful Retention Analytics that Increase Customer Loyalty.

The best companies win because they know why their customers leave and, more importantly, why they stay. 

Key Features

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Churn Type

Your churn type tells you exactly where your leverage is in addressing your customer churn.

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Real Churn

Churn Rates are unreliable, Real Churn uses half-life to find your true retention.

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Churn Trend

Know whether your churn is getting better or worse each month.

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Growth Dynamics

See exactly how your churn is impacting your growth each month.

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Root Causes

There are 6 drivers of churn, know which are impacting your business and what to do about it.

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Segments Retention

Customer segments churn differently. Find out how each of your segments retains.

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Customer Attributes

40 validated customer attributes that allow you diagnose and manage your customer churn.

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Retention Analytics

Track how each department in your company impacts your customer retention.

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Rep Leaderboards

Not all reps produce the same retention. Track your Sales and CS teams by how they retain.

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Selina Eizik, COO

Working with ChurnRX, we were able to not only efficiently scale our Customer Success efforts but also drive improved retention.  They helped us to implement key processes, educate our teams and drive greater value to our customers.

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Mark Bissell, CCO

 It is always exciting to sit with a true expert who has a passion for their craft... I was amazed by ChurnRX's level and depth of knowledge.

  • Is there a free trial?
    There is! We offer a 14-day free trial where you'll have full access to everything the ChurnRX Membership offers.
  • How long does onboarding and setup take?
    Your dashboards can be live in as little as 48 hours but may take longer depending your ability to gather and format your customer data.
  • What does the monthly coaching entail?
    A ChurnRX retention expert will conduct a 30 minutes session to walk you through your retention analytics updates to identify key insights, and provide recommendations for improving your retention.
  • What's included in the Customer Data Audit?
    Our Customer Data Audit provides you with our recommended customer attributes to effectively analyze your retention, provides coaching on identifying unique attributes for your business, and guidance on how to capture customer attributes.
  • How do I provide you with my data?
    ChurnRX will provide an easy to use data template for organizing and formatting your customer data. Your data can then be provided to ChurnRX in .csv or .xls format.
  • Is there a cancellation fee?
    No. Customers are free to cancel at the end of their contract period. Customers are obligated for payment of their current contract and we do not refund charges if you cancel in the middle of a contract.
  • Is my data secure?
    Absolutely. We take data security very seriously and use industry-standard practices to protect you. Your data is never shared with any third party without your permission. We limit users’ access to data and adhere to strict password standards. Additionally, we ask that you don't send any confidential customer information.
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Know your churn type.
Solve your churn.

You can’t fix your churn if you don’t know what kind of churn you have. Fighting churn successfully depends on your ability to focus your limited resources where they will have the highest impact. Our proprietary Real Churn™ analytics reveals your precise churn type and points you to the exact actions you can take to solve it.

Learn your churn type →

How severe is your churn?

Conventional churn metrics are useless because they tell you nothing about what is causing your churn and what to do about it. Our proprietary Real Churn™ Dashboard shows clearly how severe your churn actually is, and benchmarks your churn against our continually expanding Customer Dataset drawn from real companies like yours.

Discover your churn severity →

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How is your churn trending?

Companies often experience unexplainable fluctuations in churn over time or even rapid increases in churn seemingly out of nowhere. These are actually the result of the fundamental flaws in conventional churn rate metrics.


Our Real Churn™ Trend solves this by measuring how your churn and retention are actually changing over time. This enables you to see the real impact your retention efforts are having on reducing your churn.

Get your churn trend →

How is churn impacting your growth?

Churn is critical because it directly impacts your profitability and growth. The essential way to visualize churn is relative to your customer sales growth. Our Real Churn™ Growth Impact reveals exactly how your churn is impacting your growth and visualize the growth impact of reducing churn. This enables you to set goals and effectively prioritize your limited resources to drive faster growth. 

Choose your solution →

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