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Improve Retention & Scale Your Team With The ChurnRX Membership.

Your one-stop shop for total team strategy and growth!


Get full-team access to all of the churn training, strategies, playbooks, and skills your team needs to fight churn and scale.

Conventional methods produce conventional results.
See the impact of our unconventional yet proven playbooks and skills. 


Reduction in Early Customer Churn


Improvement in 
Customer Renewals


Decrease in Rep Onboarding Time


Reps report having greater confidence on calls

What you'll get with your membership

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  • Churn Factors

  • Churn Metrics

  • Ideal Customer Factors

  • Monthly Updates




  • Expert Strategy Coaching

  • Your Key Retention Drivers

  • Annual Retention Strategy

  • Strategy Execution Plan


  • Customer Results Strategy

  • Behavior Change Onboarding

  • Executive Business Review

  • Customer Risk Management



  • Core Customer Power Skills

  • Advanced Power Skills

  • Skill Guides & Exercises

  • ChurnRX Skills Certificaiton

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  • How Churn Works

  • Measuring Churn

  • Mastering Churn

  • Guides & Templates Library




  • Latest ChurnRX Research

  • Thought Leadership

  • Monthly Workshops

  • Weekly Q&A

Member Benefits


Limited Time Introductory Price



Billed Annually


Your one-stop shop for total team strategy and growth!​

Get Started Today For Free!

  • 14-day free trial

  • Up to 10 users with unlimited access

  • Instant Access to On-Demand Training

  • Templates, Guides, and Decks

  • Weekly Live Trainings and Q&A sessions

  • Access to an exclusive CS Community

  • Everything you need to scale your team

Katie Ahrens Headshot_edited_edited.jpg

Katie Ahrens

Services Success Manager

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These sessions were invaluable and genuinely helped polish my professional skills. The information is digestible and presented in a way that is easy to retain and recall during customer calls. I could feel the difference in my conversations as these skills became more and more habitual.

Katya Buratovich headshot_edited.jpg
learnupon logo_edited.png

ChurnRX worked with us to analyze churn risks we saw within our company to identify them faster. I enjoyed that the ChurnRX team worked with management to build out real-life examples and actionable advice and guidance that the teams could use to put into practice straight away.

Casey Peirce Headshot_edited.jpg

ChurnRX team members lived everything that they teach from prior industry knowledge. What they teach is easy to implement quickly, and it is effective. They are also accessible, which is extremely useful when we were trying to implement these systems.

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Katya Buratovich

Casey Pierce

Director of CS

Sr. Manager, CS

  • Is there a free trial?
    There is! We offer a 14-day free trial where you'll have full access to everything the ChurnRX Membership offers.
  • How long does onboarding and setup take?
    Your dashboards can be live in as little as 48 hours but may take longer depending your ability to gather and format your customer data.
  • What does the monthly coaching entail?
    A ChurnRX retention expert will conduct a 30 minutes session to walk you through your retention analytics updates to identify key insights, and provide recommendations for improving your retention.
  • What's included in the Customer Data Audit?
    Our Customer Data Audit provides you with our recommended customer attributes to effectively analyze your retention, provides coaching on identifying unique attributes for your business, and guidance on how to capture customer attributes.
  • How do I provide you with my data?
    ChurnRX will provide an easy to use data template for organizing and formatting your customer data. Your data can then be provided to ChurnRX in .csv or .xls format.
  • Is there a cancellation fee?
    No. Customers are free to cancel at the end of their contract period. Customers are obligated for payment of their current contract and we do not refund charges if you cancel in the middle of a contract.
  • Is my data secure?
    Absolutely. We take data security very seriously and use industry-standard practices to protect you. Your data is never shared with any third party without your permission. We limit users’ access to data and adhere to strict password standards. Additionally, we ask that you don't send any confidential customer information.

Example Training Guides & Templates

A small sample of our training & resource library, which is available to each one of our clients. For life.

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Templates Website Images.003.jpeg
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churn library

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