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& Benchmark Analysis

Are you still using monthly churn rates as your primary metric?  You're likely spending countless hours digging through churn reports all without learning what is causing your churn.

With our Retention Grader, you'll understand precisely what your root causes of churn are, and what to do about it.

What You'll Get With Your Retention Grader

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  • Learn how you compare to other companies

  • Full Analysis with the right churn metrics to track

  • Find out if your churn is getting better or worse

  • Reveal how churn is impacting your growth

  • Identify the top things you can do today

  • Free walkthrough of your report 

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What's the Process?

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Schedule the Intro Call

We'll walk through the data needed, schedule our walkthrough call, and answer any questions!


Get the Data Template

We'll provide the exact data template for you to supply your data. Don't worry, its incredibly simple!

30-Minute Walkthrough

We'll walk through your custom analysis with anyone you'd like to attend (hint: exec's love this report).

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Selina Eizik, COO

Working with ChurnRX, we were able to not only efficiently scale our Customer Success efforts but also drive improved retention.  They helped us to implement key processes, educate our teams and drive greater value to our customers.

Mark Bissell Headshot.jpeg

Mark Bissell, CCO

 It is always exciting to sit with a true expert who has a passion for their craft... I was amazed by ChurnRX's level and depth of knowledge.

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