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Preparing Your Churn Analysis Data is Simple!

Follow these 5 easy steps

Watch in less than 2 minutes

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Enter One Row Per Customer

When exporting and pasting your data into the template, make sure you're entering only one row per customer. 

This will ensure no duplicate customers are added, which can potentially skew your analysis. 

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Add Additional Attributes

The data template comes with 12-pre-populated columns of data. Use these columns to add any additional customer attributes that we'll use to test during your churn analysis. 

If you're not currently tracking all of these attributes, no worries! Just leave those columns blank. 

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Review & Finalize Your Data

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There are two main things to watch for when reviewing your data:

  1. Don't use confidential customer information. 

    • Instead of using a Customer's Name, use a Client ID

    • If you don't have an ID, leave this column blank

  2. Keep "End Dates" blank for active customers

    • Add all of your customers to the sheet

    • But only include a date if the customer has churned

    • The date used will be the customer's churn date

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Schedule Your Analysis

This call is 30 minutes long and we'll dive deep into your data with our proprietary Churn Type analysis make sure you truly understand your churn—and what you can start doing today. 

Ready to schedule your call? Click below to view our calendar. 

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Schedule Your Churn Analysis Today

Get your churn analysis on the calendar while you're prepping your data template.

We simply need 48 hours prep time before your Analysis Call. 

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