Level-up your people
with playbooks & skills.

Upgrade your team's confidence and skills, and train them on the powerful churn-fighting playbooks that work. We help companies crush churn with our unique churn analysis, ideal customer profiles, and team training.

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Quick Learning That Packs a Punch.

Our MiniCourses are short, powerful courses that provide your people with the expertise and training to rapidly improve their skills and move the needle on customer results and retention.


Courses cover practical skills and playbooks that can be implemented immediately on a range of topics, from how to develop a high-level customer strategy to the most effective way to manage customer meetings.

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How to Operate
Strategically With Customers

The Customer Results Strategy is the ultimate playbook to operate strategically with customers. You'll learn exactly what results you drive, how to measure them, and precisely what your customers must do to achieve long-term value.

Stop wasting time with  "out of the box" strategies that don't work, and start using the one that does—the Customer Results Strategy.

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What You'll Get:
How to Operate
Strategically With Customers
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  • The Customer Results Strategy Playbook

  • Step-by-step playbook walkthrough

  • Scripting guides and playbook template

  • The ability to implement this playbook today

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Live Training for Every Team.

In the new world of remote working live team training is the best way to build camaraderie, develop skills, and provide a common language.


Our live trainings and certifications include principles, templates, and role play exercises for driving results fast. Each training course contains specific instruction for both leaders and individual contributors.

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On-demand Training & Certification.

Get certified at your own pace. Our battle-tested live training is being converted into on-demand courses that you can access right when you need it in order to always have the right expertise at your fingertips.


Each course contains hours of training, access to ready-to-use templates, and a library of resources. 

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Customer Retention Training

Company alignment around what causes churn and how to reduce it is the key to driving exceptionally high retention. Everyone must be working from the same principles, playbooks, and skills to improve retention across your customer base.


Our Retention Expert Training allows leaders and individual contributors to align to a unified retention strategy across every team and department.

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Train your people to be
Retention Experts today.